What Makes Someone Fake

Ryan Chilton
3 min readFeb 26, 2022

There is alot to be said about fake people. So let’s go ahead and address what makes someone fake.

Being Better Than The Truth

Not taking the time to understand something because you feel like you are better or entitled is a fake behavior which I see alot of. Pretty sad but yes, this type of behavior is passed down from friends, and family.

This type or behavior can be taught from the school system. Although not intended to be taught, it can be taught due to the fact that students are instructed to do and act as the teacher instructs.

Being Better Than Them

But, it’s your job to rise above and be better than them. Another way to tell if someone is fake is if they want to see you succeed but not at the cost of being better than them.

Just because you have family that wants to see you do good, don’t forget that family can be some of the fakest.

Family will hurt you as much or more than your best friend would because of how close nit you are. Sometimes blood is thicker than water but remember that mud can thicker than blood.

Being Too Hypocritical

Yes there is such a thing as being too hypocritical. Many people can be hypocritical at times but there is a difference from every once in a while to an every day occurrence.

In my life I became homeless, hell I am now. I took care of all the care taken stuff for my girls and her brother and sisters family’s mother just because shes done alot for me and I feel it’s right.

I also went to all the family events and helped out family with bills. But even though I felt I was part of the family and they even told me that I was. They wouldn’t let me live with them to avoid being homeless.

They aren’t my family anymore now. They are just fakes and I need real people to call family.

But hey, real people don’t have alot of friends.

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