Trump 2024 Poem

Ryan Chilton
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As the storm subsides, and the winds die down,
The sound of a new day can be heard all around.
For some, hope springs eternal, while others will despair,
The future is uncertain, let’s begin to prepare.

The name on everyone's lips, once more,
Is the one they call Trump, the one they adore.
The man who can stir up a crowd with a glance,
The titan who can make the earth shake and trance.

The roads ahead are murky, and surely fraught,
But the one who seeks the crown is ready for a fight he’s sought.
Trump 2024 is the rally cry reverberating,
As the world looks on with wonder, and others are waiting.

The braggadocio style, the bullish way,
The willingness to speak his mind come what may,
Make him a force to be reckoned with,
In American politics, where powers shift.

The scars of the past political wars are deep,
As the battle lines are drawn, the fight has begun to creep,
From the halls of Congress and the Senate floor,
To the streets and cities, where a new order to explore.

Many want him to stay silent, fade away,
To pass the mantle, take a breather, and hit the hay,
But they've underestimated the fire in his belly,
The spirit that drives him and makes him oh so deadly.

Trump 2024 is the call that echoes in the land,
It's a sign of hope, a promise of a nation that can withstand,
The trials and tribulations of its history,
And emerge as a phoenix from ashes, a destiny.

For some, the name Trump is synonymous with hate,
Their anger and frustration grow every time they contemplate,
The man who they believe embodies evil and corruption,
And that his supporters have no sense or function.

They accuse him of racism, sexism, fascism, and more,
Tarnishing his name, slamming his door,
and eviscerating his character for all to see,
Convincing themselves that he could never be free.

But for others, the name Trump is something else,
It’s a symbol of hope, a change, and some help,
A chance for a better tomorrow, and a brighter future,
A man who’ll make a difference, who won’t just be a rumour.

The reality, of course, is somewhere in between,
Trump, the man, is not good or bad, a slayer of a queen.
He is human, flawed, and full of contradictions,
But he's also an agent of change, a visionary with great convictions.

Trump 2024 is a symbol of a divided nation,
It's a reminder of how far we have fallen in our elation,
Forgetting the importance of unity and empathy,
Paying the price of our greed and supremacy.

As we look to the future with uncertainty and dread,
It's time to put our petty differences to bed,
Remembering that our humanity binds us all,
And that compassion is the greatest weapon in our arsenal.

Trump 2024 is a rallying cry for some,
But for all of us, it’s a chance to overcome,
Our biases, fears, and prejudices,
And build a world based on love, not crises.

Why Write This Poem?

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

So as Trump rallies his troops, let’s not lose sight,
Of the bigger picture, the reasons we fight,
For a world that is fair, just, and true,
And where hope springs eternal for me and you.



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