Anxious Attention — Poem By Ryan Chilton

Ryan Chilton
1 min readJan 26, 2022
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Yay! I got a new app. Just kidding it is crap. I’m tired of these apps. So tired I’m gonna go take a nap.

That nap was great. Where is my girl? The kids forgot to shut the door. I feel worse than I did before. I’m anxious and bored. This is such a chore.

I feel the need for attention. What would others think is my intention?

I gotta get this under control so these kids don’t see. I gotta hide this for more than just me.

Poem Explained

I got the idea for this poem because of the way I feel when I pick my phone back up after being on it shortly because of my social media problem.

Anxiety is a crap thing to deal with. It’s a disease except it’s constant. It’s a troublesome bore really.

I wouldn’t wish anxiety on my worst enemy however it’s trendy because almost everyone has it. We just all deal with it in different ways.

Ryan Chilton

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