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I’m aspiring to accomplish my dreams of being reliant on my own work to supplement me for living. It’s taken me a while to learn what I know now but I’m applying all that I have learned to make that dream a reality.

Growing Up In A Small Town

I grew up in a small town called Clinton in Indiana. Not much to offer but the simplicity of nature, and not many people around honestly. Very small with little to no crime, and some of the nicest people with southern hospitality that so many people lack.

I was raised by my father and family. My mother and father separated when I was little and he won a hard custody battle. My Time with him was a good part of my childhood as well as with my mother.

When my step mother came into the picture my life became literally hell. I was having to kill animals to stay alive, cut down trees, split them into firewood, and haul them back to the house. Some of my ways to escape home was to go to friends houses, work out in the basement, go to the park, play video games. Whatever I could think to do was what I did.

My father never taught me to drive, didn’t teach me to be financially stabilized, didn’t teach me about making more money. The main thing I learned was to be a good father, to provide for my family, and avoid doing drugs or anything like that because I wanted to be my own person. I’m my own role model but I still looked at some others along the way.

Non Fictional Role Models


📸 ComicBook

I really liked goofy. He was a single father, raised max by himself, put his kid through college, was always there for him supporting him.

I really wanted my father to be like goofy and because he wasn’t I looked up to goofy and looked at his way of fatherhood what I wanted to implement with my kids. Yes all around everything he did in the movie was Meh from the car in the water, from the changing a tire, and invasion of privacy. Well we can’t all be perfect right reader?

Ryan Chilton

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